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Mistress Josephine's slave girl

London Mistress Josephines slave girl

Introducing slave girl Becky, the tamed property of Mistress Josephine. She met Mistress Josephine a little over a year ago at a fetish club, then wild and unruly and now having been brought to heal by her Mistress.  Take a look at slave girl becky's naughty gallery!
Slave girl Bedky is nothing more than an additional prop, a play thing, for Mistress Josephine to entertain and amuse herself with, when she sees fit.
Slave girl Becky is devoted to, as well as ready and waiting, to do the bidding of Mistress Josephine.
Her blue eyes take in all of Mistress Josephine's immense power and beauty. Her pert 34B breast and erect nipples, sensitive to the slightest touch of Mistress Josephine, are only exposed under her command. The sexy blonde hair frames slave girl Beckys pretty innocent face.  Her small waist compliments her curvaceous bottom, the recipient of much punishment by Mistress Josephine.
Slave girl Becky gives her submission as an exclusive gift to Mistress Josephine, who's exacting demands bring about fear and terror, but also in equal measure, leave her quivering with excitement and arousal..... stretching slave girl Becky's limits in all directions.

Slave girl Becky enjoys her humiliation and play by her strict Dominatrix Mistress Josephine at her fully equipped London Chambers.